Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Narrative Essay

Theresa L. Leonard
Dr. Jim Hepworth
English 101: Creative Writing
February 17th, 2009
The Best Things in Life
It seemed just like a nightmare. She was getting married today to a boy she barely knew and didn’t quite love. Today was supposed to be her happiest day. All she could think about was how everything she was doing was backwards. She was scared to death. All she could do was cry, and they were not happy tears. She was only eighteen years old. The wedding was drawing closer and closer. She knew she had to quit procrastinating. “Let’s get this over with.” She said as she pulled her wedding dress out of the plastic it came in and over her six month pregnant belly.
The girl was scared. She waited what seemed like forever for the test to come back. As she waited, thoughts raced through her head of the boy leaving her once he found out she was pregnant. She has only known him for three he going to stick around and help her through this? Or was she at it alone? She cut ties with her family; they were not going to help her with this baby. Maybe she wasn’t pregnant, maybe she was just thinking to hard about this. She started thinking about how she was just jumping to conclusions. As soon as she calmed herself down, the test results came back. Pregnant. Little did she know, this was going to be the best thing that has ever happened to her.
Her original plans were to go to the city and go to school. Make something of her. Since her family doubted her so much, she wanted to badly prove them wrong. Day after day their voices told her she wasn’t wanted; there was no need for her, all she will ever be is a waste of time. With this pregnancy, she felt all she did was lose and her family was right.
All she could think about was how the boy would react. He didn’t exactly have the best life either with his family always kicking him out of his home. She kept thinking this would cause him not to want a family. She was afraid he would want her to get rid of it. She didn’t know what she was going to do. She debated for weeks if she should even tell him and just leave, but she had nowhere to go.
She decided she needed to go speak to the boy. She had been crying from the frustration of not knowing what to tell him. He noticed something was wrong. She just stood there for a few minutes in silence; gathering her thoughts and finally let him in on the secret.
He broke down. What was he supposed to do when he was only nineteen and had a seventeen-year-old pregnant girlfriend? He still had some growing up to do. He had no job and still lived with his grandparents. He knew one thing, he had to be there to make it better, and he was raised better than to leave her. He looked her in the eyes and told her he would always be there for her; after all, he thought he could love her.
He headed down to the city and looked for a job and a nice place to move his newly pregnant girlfriend. He had to make this better for the both of them. She still had two months of school left, but planned on moving her down directly after graduation. After searching for a month, he found a good enough job and a decent place. That night he went and bought a little diamond ring to give to her. When he returned to her house, he kneeled down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. She said yes, although she was very unsure of herself.
Finally graduation came and gone, and she was ready to move with him. She packed all her stuff and away they went. It wasn’t any place she was used to, but she knew she could get used to it. She started to get wedding plans in line since they wanted to make themselves an honest family before the new addition came. They both worked hard day after day to make it, how were they going to afford a baby?
The wedding came closer and closer, and her belly grew bigger and bigger. Still her family did not know she was pregnant. She worried about how they would react when they saw her walking down the aisle with a bowling ball in front of her. She decided she better at least tell her dad. When she called him on the phone to tell him, he began to cry. He was so happy for her, but she still did not understand why he would be happy. He always told her what a failure she was going to be. She was for sure this would prove his point. With her father’s approval, she felt more excited about the little baby boy she would be holding in four short months. The wedding came and her father walked her proudly down the aisle. Her family stared in awe as they were revealed for the first time of her gigantic belly. They all congratulated her. It was a shock for her. Everyone was telling her she did the right thing. She still had her doubts. After the wedding, the newly wedded teens took off for their honeymoon.
She started to fall in love with the boy who now seemed more like a man. He no longer was just some guy to fool around with, she had feelings for him. She no longer felt worthless. She finally had someone who was going to be there for her no matter what. He proved to her this pregnancy was just as serious to him as it was to her by going to every appointment. The day he cried when he saw their baby was a little boy, she knew he meant everything.
Over the next couple months, the baby was kicking forcefully. The father-to-be wanted to be there every moment to feel that wonderful sensation. He treated his new bride like a princess by cooking, cleaning, and working everyday so that when she got home from work she could relax. Her fear of this new baby was soon gone.
The months turned into weeks and then finally days. The baby decided to come into the world and meet his mother and father. He rushed her to the hospital and held her hand as she went through the pain. All she wanted him to do was be there and that’s exactly what he did. Thirteen hours later of endless pain and screaming, he came. They both never knew they could love someone they never met so much. They held this little man for hours, just staring at his beauty. They both finally had a family they could call their own.
After they came home from the hospital, this little boy kept both of them awake night after night with sometimes endless cries. Feedings after feedings, messy diapers after messy diapers, they still both looked at him with love and understanding. The baby got the best care he could have ever gotten. The new parents would make sure their little boy got everything he ever needed and then some. This baby taught them things they could never learn from anyone else and made them into two loving people. He was safe. They both would make sure nothing ever happened to this little miracle. The baby made them both realize there isn’t anything more important in this world than family. She knew now, this was the best thing that has ever happened to her.

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